Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Things to Know Before Finding a Skilled Hairstylist

A hairstylist is someone who specializes in cutting, styling and coloring hair in order to enhance or maintain a person's appearance. Hairstylists are also referred to as hairdressers.

Due to ever evolving trends and the increased desire to stay current, hairstyling has become one of the most reputable and highly acclaimed careers, alongside photography, make-up artistry and fashion design. The profession is not gender stereotyped, as a hair stylist can be either male or female. Just like any other profession, most hairstylists have a variety of skills, but most of them have flexible specialties which may include any of the following:

  • Coloring and dying of hair
  • Braiding
  • Styling of wigs
  • Weaving
  • Hair Plugs
  • Artificial extension
  • Chemical Perms
  • Chemical Relaxants

How do hairstylists work?

Hairstylists manipulate the hair to enhance a person’s most positive features and showcase their personal style. However, as ottawa hairstylist, it is impossible to obtain this desired result without good communication with the client. The customer verbalizes the type of hairstyle he/she wants, but this may not be enough. Therefore, hairstylists will often refer to pictures in a beauty/style magazine to visualize what the client has described. This is to ensure that the hairstylist does not deviate from the clients’ desire.

People often seek new styles or simply require a maintenance trim regularly. This is why it is very important for a hairdresser to know as many hair styles as possible. 

Chemical treatments can undoubtedly change the hairs' appearance and texture. Curly and coarse hair is made straight and smooth through the administration of chemical relaxants. On the other hand, hair dressers apply chemical perms to straight hair to obtain a semi-permanent style like waves and curls.

Highlighting and coloring is a science, as much as technical skill. Mixing the exact shade a client has requested takes thought, concentration and time.

Technical coloring work is one of the most tedious jobs for a hairstylist, especially when it involves multiple shades. This can be complicated so hairstylists must be organized and stay focused on their end result.

A hairstylist should never stop learning. This can be one of the biggest mistakes one makes; once they are done with formal training, they simply work and never try to learn new techniques or trends again. The fact remains that every professional hairstylist needs to keep up with trends if they wish to improve people’s appearance. Otherwise, clients may seek hair care from a different, more up-to-date and current stylist. Success comes after a stylist gives recurring, exemplary customer service to meet the client’s needs.

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